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Management Buyout

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A Management Buyout (MBO) is a sell-side mandate where an employee or group of employees acquires a percentage or all of the company’s shares from its existing shareholders. They are effective because they bring many advantages to business owners looking to sell, including:

  • The confidentiality of the sale
  • Business continuity (relationship management with existing customers, employees, suppliers)
  • Pace at which a transaction can take place
  • Familiarity of the new management with the company negating much of the “sales pitch”

The challenge in executing an MBO is that it’s difficult for the seller and buyer to stay at arm’s length and negotiate terms that are favorable to both parties.

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WCP can help you get there by:

  1. Establishing transition timelines and parameters (i.e. seller’s involvement in the business post deal).
  2. Determining the value of the business.
  3. Flushing out the financial strength of the buyers and what support they’ll need to get the deal done.
  4. Keeping the negotiations at an arms-length basis.
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