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Transactional & Strategic Support

We offer a wide array of services including:

Transactional Support

Buying and selling businesses is fun but it’s not your day job – it’s ours. Have a deal that has stalled due to negotiation skills, financing, or deal structure? WCP can help bring your deal back on track and get you to that finish line.

Due diligence

Whether you are buying a business or merging two entities, WCP can perform the necessary financial, operational and strategic analysis to help identify current and future risks and opportunities of a transaction.

Fairness opinions

WCP provides independent assessments of M&A transactions in order to help reduce the risk of accepting an offer that is not reasonable and to help facilitate objective communication amongst all parties on the proposed transaction.

Quality of Earnings

We blend our accounting professionals with the investment banking team to provide an in-depth assessment of the sustainability and transferability of a company, tailored to the risk areas you’ve identified.

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