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We help companies that have been turned down by traditional lenders, find alternative debt lenders fast and efficiently.

Many situations can arise that would preclude a borrower from getting debt from a traditional bank, such as their industry, borrowing history, ability to make covenants, existing debt load or the quality of their financial reporting. An inability to get traditional financing (or enough of it) is not necessarily a reflection of the borrower's business or its management.
Welch Capital Partners is here to:

  1. educate borrowers on alternative lending options;
  2. reach out to potential lenders;
  3. if required, support financial reporting;
  4. facilitate the information gathering process and term sheet negotiation; and
  5. ensure the closing runs smoothly.

Although many borrowers may not have trust in the alternative lending market, they can trust Welch and its over 100 years of excellence. We do not work with lenders that would put our reputation at risk.

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Harness Investment Management Inc. can help our clients raise growth equity.

Harness prides itself on being able to source capital quickly from both strategic and non-strategic investors. Harness works primarily with institutional and family office investors.

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